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A brief confession...

Ideally, in this space, there should exist a clear, well-thought-out summary describing the purpose and intent of this thing. What is this? What's the entity or concept behind Why is it here?

After some real and careful consideration, as is turns out, answering these questions is an unreasonable and needless exercise, at this point in time. To be honest, I don't know what this is yet or, what it will become. I believe any attempt to define it now, would be mostly insincere, and very likely misleading. For the moment, it's a place and a space to practice, explore, test drive ideas and above all, grow.

So, why should you care? Good question. If you're still reading this, perhaps you already get it. But if not, let me share this: I've been on a hunt, a life quest, to find a place where I can make the most of my eclectic skill set, creativity and brain. I've been looking for a place to thrive. In my search I've been a florist, a baker, a bookkeeper, a graphic designer, a teacher, a cabinet maker and a cnc operator. Most of these things I would have never imagined myself doing. Similarly, it's difficult to see what the roles and projects ahead will look like. All I know is, the possibilities are in fact numerous. Perhaps you've felt this too, in your own path. In sharing this process with you, maybe I'll explore a little further and push forward a little harder. In turn, maybe you'll find a sliver of inspiration or who knows?

More to come.